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In 2018, we saw Jeng & Griksa’s profile on Instagram and immediately captivated by their story.

These young Indonesian couple were living and traveling around Australia in camper van for the past 6 years. Their happy-go-lucky approach to life reminds us of the chorus in our song, Ribbons & Tie: “We don’t need fairytales, we do it our way”.

Hence when we decided to release the remix version of the song, we approached Jeng & Griksa, and asked them if we could use footages of their van life adventure as our music video.

The process of stitching and editing this music video was not easy —to be able to create a cohesive storyline that captures their beautiful lives in a raw, honest way— but it was a heartwarming journey for us too. To finally illustrate the song through other people’s lens, that art does imitate life.

This music video is our gift to all of our fans and friends. Remember, you don’t need fairytales, you can do it your way ♥️✨

All footages by Jeng & Griksa
Concept & Creative Direction by Sistine (Anindita Saryuf)
Edited by Faizuizul

©2023 SinjitosCollective

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