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UI Idea Festival 2014



Short Movie and Photography Competition
Deadline of submission: 8 March 2014
Awarding night: 14 March 2014

Film Screening
(10-14 March 2014)
The greatest movies from many countries, such as : Amelie, Schindler List, Lost in Translation, Okuribito, etc!
Also short films from Film Communities, such as : Perfilma FH UI, LFM ITB, etc!

Talkshow by The Experts
(10-13 March 2014)
– Press: Agustinus Wibowo (Writter of Selimut Debu, Titik Nol, etc)
– Photography : Irawan Subingar (National Geographic)
– Film : 1) Mouly Surya (What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love, Fiksi, etc) 2) The Mo Brothers (Killers)

Closing Ceremony
(14 March 2014)
Movie discussion with Joko Anwar (Pintu Terlarang, Modus Anomali, etc)

Special music performance by Polka Wars
Music performances by Students of University of Indonesia






Sebelumnya kami atas nama memohon maaf atas terjadinya kesalahan Informasi tentang acara UI IDEA FESTIVAL 2014. Sebelumnya kami menerima konten acara UI IDEA FESTIVAL 2014 melalui email dari panitia dan kami update melalui website dan sosial media namun ternyata ada perubahan konten acara yang tidak dikomunikasikan kepada pihak Gigsplay.

Dalam postingan sebelumnya di tertulis The S.I.G.I.T (Talkshow Musik) sebagai salah satu pengisi acara Talkshow Musik di acara ini, setelah kami konfirmasi kembali kepada panitia, mereka mengkonfirmasikan kepada Gigsplay kalau The S.I.G.I.T tidak mengisi acara talkshow musik tersebut. Terima Kasih

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